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Here’s one for the books

By Dr. William H. Baker Read more

Mast years are good times for wildlife

By Steve Roark Read more

Plants that use dinner bells

By Steve Roark Read more

Vampire plants: Outside the norm

By Steve Roark Read more

Powell Valley Electric to hold annual business meeting

The time is fast approaching for this year’s member/owner meeting, this year to be held on Sept. 21 in Ewing, Va. At Thomas Walker High ... Read more

House dust: Disturbing, but interesting

By Steve Roark Read more

Mass Killings, John Adams, The Constitution

By Preacher Johnson Read more

Having a hunger and thirst for God

By Billy Holland Read more

Sullivan: Advice for a new school year

By Candida Sullivan Read more

Knowing God is the key to trusting him

By Billy Holland Read more

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